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Telephone system Understanding

I am afraid I need some serious help with understanding this.

I am a t a loss.

We have Cisco telephose system with branches across the south.

Verizon is providing the circuits, I have a lot of paperwork, but I do not understand how the numbers are arrived at and who to report a problem to.

For example, we have a remote branch that one number does not work when dialing.

I have a Verizon AIM sheet that shows the number as being activated for that branch, but does not connect.

Would that be a Verizon issue, or a telephone system issue?

I do not understand how the system works

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Re: Telephone system Understanding

It depends. The problem could be with Verizon or it could be equipment or configuration. You can use commands on the gateway to see if the call is ever reaching your equipment. For example, if this is a POTS line, you can type "show voice port summary" and see if the call ever hits the port. For a digital circuit, you can use "show call active voice brief".

Does the caller hear ringing? fast busy?


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Re: Telephone system Understanding

How does the "sh voice port summary" tell you if a call has been made?

Re: Telephone system Understanding

sho voice port sum will display if a FXO port or ISDN channel is off hook. You can also do some debugs.

IF PRI, you can do a debug isdn q931. This will give you info coming and going out.

Other debugs that you can run.

debug voice dialpeer inout

debug voip dialpeer inout

debug voice ccapi inout

debug voip ccapi inout

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Re: Telephone system Understanding

In the IN STATUS column for the port, you should see "ring-det" when you call the number if the call is hitting the port.


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