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Temporary Voice GW across a PIX site-to-site tunnel

I have a call center customer that is moving their physical location before the telco can change over the PRI circuits for inbound calls. They have IPCC 3.5(2) by itself on a MCS 7835, a single CallManager 4.0 on a MCS 7825 by itself, a Cisco Unity 4.0(3) server, a 3640 and a 2690, each with 12.3(7) T8 or T9 (I think?) for the voice GW with 2 PRI circuits. These are ALL CURRENTLY at the same physical site. They are considering moving all of the VOIP equipment to the NEW site, with the exception of the Voice GW, which will need to remain in order to continue terminating the existing PRIs. They want to configure a PIX site-to-site tunnel to connect to the remote voice GW. Each PIX is a 515E with 7.0 SW.... Here is a rough layout:

telco--3640--PIX515---TUNNEL--PIX515--2690---DLink switch---CCM / IPCC / IP Phones w/ power bricks

Will this work and, if so, what should I be concerned with as far as the calls porting to IPCC, agent logins, etc. Any suggestions on a BETTER solution would be welcomed, as I don't have a lot of confidence in this working as expected...

They are running IPCC Express Premium with 25 agents / 2 Supervisors and doing data dips, and Call Monitoring / Recording as well, but ALL of the servers, IP phones, agents, and other VOIP components will be relocated to the NEW site, with the EXCEPTION of the voice GW, which will stay where the OLD PRI circuits are. What might be a better option? An H323 Trunk, perhaps.

Please Advise?


Re: Temporary Voice GW across a PIX site-to-site tunnel

I think what your going to use is a extension of your LAN,

Thats fine as far as IP phones can register with the Callmanger and callmanager routes the calls to telco.

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