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New Member

Terminating Content pushed to Phone

Hi All:

Here's my dilemma. I have an application which pushes Caller Information to the user's Phone when a call comes in (Using CiscoIPPhoneImageFile)

However, that content remains on the phone in the background after the call has been completed, or it remains in the foreground if the call is not answered or goes to voice mail.

I would like to know if there's any way that I can quit caller Information screen remotely; that is without having the user press exit. I have tried to send a CiscoIPPhoneExecute after the call is disconnected by to no avail.

Any help would be very appreciated.

Thanks, Anand.


Re: Terminating Content pushed to Phone

What method (in JTAPI) are you using to detect the call completion? What are you pushing to the phone in the ExecuteItem of CiscoIPPhoneExecute?

Note that the 7970/IP Communicator are different from the 7940/7960 in that the former has a separate call pane and services pane, and services can persist in tandem with the call pane (ie state is maintained for both). For the former, it is either one or the other. That's likely not your problem, but just FYI!

New Member

Re: Terminating Content pushed to Phone


I'm monitoring the line with an application written in Visual Basic. I have Cisco TSP 4.1 installed and the Login I use in the Config for TSP is associated with a number of Ip Phones. With the application I'm able to check for different states of the line.

The following snippet is the XML I push to display Caller Info:


XMLAlert += ""+ pngURL + "";

XMLAlert += ""+adoRecSet.Fields(0)+"";

XMLAlert += "";

XMLAlert += "Answer1Key:Speaker";

XMLAlert += "Exit3SoftKey:Exit";

XMLAlert += "";

where pngURL is points to an image file which is created on the fly which has a picture of the person and other pertinent imformation.

What I'm after is for this info to be terminated from the services pane after the call has been completed.

I tried the following:

if (action == "connected"){

var phoneIP = String(Request.QueryString("CALLED_IP"));

var authstring = text2base64(pushuserid + ":" + pushpassword);

var xmlhttp = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP");

pushxml = "";

pushxml = "XML=" + Server.URLEncode(pushxml);

xmlhttp.Open("POST", "http://" + phoneIP + "/CGI/Execute", false);

xmlhttp.setRequestHeader("Authorization", "Basic " + authstring);

xmlhttp.setRequestHeader("Connection", "close");

xmlhttp.setRequestHeader("Content-type", "application/x-www-form-urlencoded");



to tried to close this "window" with the Caller Info, but this does not work.

Thanks, Anand.


Re: Terminating Content pushed to Phone

Have you tried making the push code work on its own? Try a standalone web app pushing Key:Services or some other service to make sure your push code works. Then integrate it into your TAPI application.

Have you tried checking the return message from the phone to see what the phone thinks of your request? The phone will return a status that can be helpful in figuring out what's going on.

You could also add another SoftKey:Exit ExecuteItem (so two SoftKey:Exit ExecuteItem elements within the CiscoIPPhoneExecute element), or try pushing Key:Services instead, just to experiment, but checking the return code would probably be most useful.

Also, just to double-check, the userid and password you are using is associated with the phone you are testing? You seemed to indicate that this is the case in your opening, but I just wanted to clarify!

New Member

Re: Terminating Content pushed to Phone

I have the same problem.

I tested:

1) one only SoftKey:Exit ExecuteItem = NO

2) two SoftKey:Exit ExecuteItem = NO

3) Key:Services ExecuteItem = YES (but if the user has closed push manually before my command this key open the services page!!!!!)


New Member

Re: Terminating Content pushed to Phone

As far as I know, there is no clean way to do this, because of gencom01's #3 use case when using the Key:Services 'hack'.

One thing I've been meaning to try is to go back to using SoftKey:Exit, but making sure that for every execute or request I make to the app, I send the Expires:-1 header to make the SoftKey:Exit button work the same as the Key:Services button.

As anyone here has found out, using SoftKey:Exit operates instead like 'Go Back'. But if you make sure the page has already expired when you communicate with the phone, the phones supposedly don't store the pages in their history. So, one would think it would only take SoftKey:Exit to clear the phone in that case, but I haven't tried.

For more details on the expiration/history behavior:


Re: Terminating Content pushed to Phone

Just a thought, but have you tried pushing two Key:Services ExecuteItems? Does that help?

New Member

Re: Terminating Content pushed to Phone

Hi All,

Thanks for the replies. I've got it working. What follows is for the Cisco 7970 phones.

What I've done is in my Visual Basic App, I checked to see if the call was connected (User answered call) and then on the connection, I push two Key:Services ExecuteItems and then on the disconnect I don't do anything (This scenario the services pane is in the background)

If the call never connected ( User didn't answer call or goes to VoiceMail) (This scenario the services pane is in the foreground) I push one Key:Services ExecuteItems on the disconnect.

Thanks again for everyone's help with this.