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Testing the VCS and EX90 over Internet

Hello all,

I am looking for someone to test our VCS and EX90 setup.   I believe everything is working on my side but I was haaving issues connecting to a few endpoints that had been working before.

If you want to schedule something, reply back to  You can also call me via Jabber Video at  You can also call our EX90 which will auto answer at

Thanks in advance.



Testing the VCS and EX90 over Internet

you saw there is also a dedicated telepresence forum:

besides that your ex90 gave me some fan blowing sound (would consider of having audio muted on auto answer)

and a black image.

As long as you have not covered the camera or selected a different input I would have at least assumed

some abient light. So if video is really lacking you might want to check your firewall, ...

Btw, if you have a VCS you should consider of having h323 srv records as well, mainly the _h323ls

which is not present in your setup:

-- h323 ls:

Host not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)

but this shall not have an impact on outbound calls (which you mentioned as an issue).

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New Member

Testing the VCS and EX90 over Internet


Thanks for your response.  It is possible we gave up for the week and shut off all the lights at the office.  We are GMT -5 here.

I will check out the other discussions and possibly repost there.  The EX90 is always on if you would like to try again.  You should see some ambient lights from the monitor and other phones in the room.

The firewall has all the necessary ports open.  I checked the ASA as I was testing connections and it looked OK there. I can call into stations elsewhere and have video and audio but not to our Cisco rep who uses his Jabber client all the time.

Very strange....



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