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Thanks and another question

First, I want to give a big thank-you to all of the folks who have been answering my posts and giving me useful information. Things have really been coming together with our Unity deployment in large part due to the info. I glean from other questions and from the answers you give to my questions. Once again, thanks.<br><br>My latest question is this: What is the best practice advice regarding server reboots? We have Unity right now running on NT 4- SP6a (128 bit). We normally reboot all boxes once a week as part of routine maintainence. I'd rather not do that in this case because voicemail is mission critical. Can anyone out there give me any advice as to what best practice regarding reboots are? (hint: I want someone to tell me that it's OK to reboot only as necessary, but obviously I want an honest answer).<br><br>Thanks in advance!<br><br>


Re: Thanks and another question

Unity is not designed with an expectation that it should be rebooted weekly, it's designed to be able to be kept up and running with no reboots needed. That said, if you are running a pre-2.4.5 version, I would suggest rebooting regularly because we did have some problems with memory leaks. If you are running the most current version, 2.4(6.135) you should be okay without rebooting weekly.

Jami Stewart
Cisco Systems

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