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The Case of the Disappearing and Reappearing VM

I have had some users complain that they clean out their voice mail box at the end of the day by deleting all of the messages and come back in the morning only to find a voice mail message time stamped from the day before (and earlier than when they deleted all of their mail). I thought it could be due to the MWI failures that I posted about on this forum:<br><br><br><br>and the voice mail would show up in the middle of the night when I have Unity set to resynch all of the MWIs.<br><br>However, I went through our event logs and the MWI failures did NOT match the subscribers that experienced this problem. I don't see any weird errors in our event logs other than occasionally getting the MWI errors. I am not sure how to begin troubleshooting this. <br><br>Anyone else experiencing this? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.<br><br><br>Thanks,<br><br>Vince <br><br>


Re: The Case of the Disappearing and Reappearing VM

First off, we can probably take Unity out of the list of suspects for sneaking messages into your mailbox. It's important to understand that Unity does not have it's own message repository (even a temporary one) where we store messages and then sync them with Exchange (as many of our competitors do).

We create ALL messages (subscriber to subscriber or from outside callers to a subscriber) directly in the Exchange message store. We send them AS the subscriber addressing the message (not on behalf of) or as the Unity Messaging Account that we create for handling messages from outside callers. These messages are handled directly by the Exchange MTA which does the work of getting it to the appropriate home Exchange server. Unity has nothing at all to do with this process. Once the message is recorded and handed off, it's out of our hands... we can't recall it (I get that request a lot) or know where it is or anything along those lines until it actually shows up in the home store of the target.

Presumably these messages that are showing up the next day are NEW messages (i.e. it's not a case where the deleted message is "coming back" or may not have been deleted or whatever). Is that true? If so, the place to look at next is the MTA in your Exchange installation. Messages may be hanging out in the queue for one reason or another and it's taking a long time before that condition clears or something along those lines. You can check the actual time the message was sent, the time the message arrived at the user’s home store and the time they opened it (i.e. the “modified” date) by hitting File | Properties in your outlook client on that message…. That’d be interesting to see if there’s large gaps between the time it was sent and the time it arrived.

Anyway, here’s a good link to start with on troubleshooting the MTA in Exchange 5.5:

Lots of good info in there. You’ll want to concentrate on viewing the messages in the queue, tracing “stuck” messages in the queue and turning on Exchange traces to log info about messages going through the queue. You can then work backwards from someone that reported the problem to see what happened with that particular message as it traveled through the system.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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