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The Future of Cisco Conference Connection and Cisco Collaboration Server

With the aquisition of Meeting Place I am hearing that CCC is going to be rolled up into the Cisco-Branded MeetingPlace somehow. MeetingPlace also seems to be poised to take over space that is occupied by CCS as well. Can anyone enlighten me on the future of the 2 products and what the options are going to be for companies that have the 2 products?

Thanks in advance!!!


Re: The Future of Cisco Conference Connection and Cisco Collabor

Considering CCC is rebranded DC MeetingPlace or MeetingServer or something (for the actual conference mixer service) wrapped in a web interface and using the CRA engine to control PIN entry, this is not a gigantic leap. I'm not sure which components come from Latitude and which come from Data Connection ( DC also makes the DC Directory server used as the default LDAP server in CallManager.

I can't tell you what Cisco's conferencing service portfolio will look like in the future. What little I know is under NDA, and I can tell you that if what you're saying is true, it's a departure from what I heard was going to happen only a few weeks ago. There's a partner call partly covering this topic next week and it's /still/ under a strict NDA. Your SE or AM may or may not know the real story, and the real story may change. Let's give them some time to digest the acquisition and then we'll get the final story.

Re: The Future of Cisco Conference Connection and Cisco Collabor

Thanks for the info Jason. My main concern is about CCC. There is/was a feature coming in CCC 2.0 that allowed callers coming in over the PSTN to mute/unmute their audio at will by pressing a key sequence (a very basic feature for conference bridges). I was told that CCC 2.0 was off the table and going to be wrapped up into Meetingplace. I feel like I am getting the shaft if CCC 2.0 is off the table. I only purchased 1.2 to get into the platform as I was told this feature was coming.

Thanks again for the info. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

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