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The Percentage of Good Calls went below the specified limit.

Can anybody shed a light on it, I am using CM 3.3.3 and getting this alert very often.


Re: The Percentage of Good Calls went below the specified limit.

The message " the percentage of calls went below the specified limit" is generated by a callmanager tool called ART, the Administrative Reporting Tool. Based on the value of the Daily QOS parameter "when good calls lesser than", ART will generate an alert when the percentage of good calls equals or exceeeds this value for the total amount of all calls. Calls are classified according to jitter, latency, and packet loss. These values are collected from Call detail records.

The callmanager will only collect QOS details for the call leg connected to the ip phone.

QoS Notification indicates when the percentage of good calls drops below a specified range, or the percentage of poor calls exceeds a specified limit.

You can set the range in the Report Config > Notification Limits window and adjusting the parameters as required.

Daily QOS Parameters

When Good Calls lesser than * default is 20%

When Poor Calls greater than * default is 30%

Please adjust this value to more practical value to reduce notifications and also please re-visit the factor that determine if a call is Good, Fair or poor.

To do this please go to Report Config > Define QOS and edit the parameters for lost packet, jitter and latency which are all factor that determine whether a callis considered good or bad and thus affecting the % of good calls an poor call.

This would also help in reducing the alert generated by art to report the exceeded notification limits.

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Re: The Percentage of Good Calls went below the specified limit.

I corrected the values to appropriate level. And it seems to be working fine


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