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The time of content of data log file is not syn with OS

We know that Unity generate a data log file in \commserver\logs directory every 30 mins automatically. But we found that the time in the content of data log is not syn with system OS.


The OS time is 5:12 pm 28 June 2002, and file named data_AsCsMgr_20020628_164239.txt was created.

But the content in the file is as below:

2002-06-28 09:12:44, AvLogMgrsvc_MC,10005,data file opened

Obviously the content 09:12:44 is different to OS 5:12pm.

Is there anyway can syn the time ?

Cisco Employee

Re: The time of content of data log file is not syn with OS

The data logs, like messages in Exchange and many other logs, are stored in system time (similiar to GMT). They are converted into the local time of the box when they are processed by the report engine. Same deal when, for instance, getting messages out of your inbox. The time stamp on the messages will be converted according to the local time the client that's viewing them is running on.

There are built in Windows API calls for doing this if you guys are trying to write your own report generation engine or something...

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