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Third Party Fax Integration Explained

Here's some general information about how Unity's faxmail features work with regards to 3rd party fax servers.<br><br>Cisco Unity Third Party Fax Integration<br> <br><br>Cisco Unity is designed to leverage the features of Microsoft Exchange Server and Third-party Enterprise Fax Messaging solutions to create a powerful Universal Inbox, which provides single-point access to voicemail, email, and faxmail. Subscribers are able to receive notification when a new fax arrives and request delivery of fax & email messages to a fax machine. <br><br> <br>The following Third-Party products have been qualified for support* with Unity:<br><br>AVT RightFax v.6 or higher (<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>) <br>Esker FaxGate v.7 or higher (<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>) <br>FAXCOM for Exchange version 6.19 or higher (<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>) <br>Fenestrae FAXination v.4 or higher (<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>) <br>Interstar LightningFAX v.5.5 or higher (<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>) <br>Omtool Fax Sr. v.3 or higher (<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>) <br>Optus FACSys v.4.5 or higher (<A HREF="" target="_new"></A>) <br> <br><br>In order to qualify for support*, the Fax Server must provide three key features:<br><br><br><img src="/images/icons/smile.gif"> There must be an Exchange Gateway or Connector component that facilitates communication between the Fax Server and Microsoft Exchange. <br><img src="/images/icons/smile.gif"> The fax messages must arrive in the subscriber’s Inbox with a distinct message class such as IPM.Note.Fax <br><img src="/images/icons/smile.gif"> Clients must be able to send outbound fax messages using this addressing format: [FAX:name@number] <br> <br><br>Why are these features important to Unity?<br><br> <br>Unity doesn’t interact directly with the Fax Server; Unity interacts with Exchange. Therefore, the Fax Server must also interact with Exchange by using an Exchange Gateway/Connector component. This is the component that directs inbound fax messages to the subscriber’s inbox and directs outbound faxmail to the Fax Server.<br> <br>When the Fax Gateway delivers a new fax message to a subscriber, it must arrive in the Exchange Inbox with a message class that can be distinguished from a generic email message. This allows Unity to identify the message as a fax and act accordingly. <br> <br>Unity’s ability to deliver email & faxmail to a fax machine is dependant on the Fax Gateway’s ability to recognize outbound messages with the [FAX:name@number] format. Unity sends the message in this format, at which point the Fax Server should route it to a fax port for delivery to a fax machine.<br><br> <br><br>*Cisco does not provide direct support for third party products. Support in this context refers to Unity’s faxmail features only.<br><br> <br><br><br>

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