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TIF Format on off-ramp faxes

I have a 1760-V with Onramp and Offram fax working succesfully. The only problem is that when sending faxes in a TIF converted format. When I convert a file from word (or any other document) to TIF using a converter utility and I send it using the FAX=3055555555@ format the fax is sent succesfully but the other end receives blank pages. It will only work if I send fax on a TIF file that came originaly on an onramp fax. It seems to be an issue on the format of the TIF. Even if I can view the converted file with the window viewer the format is no good for T.37.

My questions are:

What format the TIF file has to be in order for OFF-RAMP to work with a TIF converter software?

What software is recommended to convert any document to TIF?



Cisco Employee

Re: TIF Format on off-ramp faxes

It's pretty stict. It must be TIFF Profile F format.

You can check out this Unified Messaging application suite ( W.W. Office) from CTI2 (, which is said to have the capability to convert jpeg and text files into .tiff files for T.37 offramp on the fly before sending it to our T.37 offramp gateways.

There are others for sure; I've never even tried this app, but have heard it works.

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Re: TIF Format on off-ramp faxes

Format F was the parameter I was missing. I'll search for applications that support conversion on the fly to TIFF; perhaps somethig like the acrobat printer service for PDF but with TIFF files.


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Re: TIF Format on off-ramp faxes

I have tried many softwares.

ActiveFax server can convert and send via email TIFF which cisco could understand.

Good Luck

PS If you found another soft, please send me information about it.

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