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time based settings

Its a school scenario, classrooms has extensions and voice mail boxes. The requirements of the school is, any calls goingt to classroom before 300PM should go to voice mail directly. And calls coming in after 3PM should ring the extension. Before 300PM the internal users should be able to dial the classrooms extensions. What is the way to achieve this,

Cisco Employee

Re: time based settings

You'll need to use call handlers for this to work properly... here's a rather long and rambling thread that, at the start of it anyway, has a description for a scenario that I think matches what you're trying to do:

Ideally we'd get three transfer rules in for subscribers as well as call handlers which would make this scenario a whole lot easier to roll out. Since that thread I've posted an updated Bulk Handler Create tool and the Audio Text Manager tool, both of which would help you more quickly set this up and manage it... you can check both of them out on the 3.x tools page of

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Re: time based settings

Well the link specified by you is very useful to me. Lemme add few things from my scenario. I have FXO lines and no did's. Call from outside comes to one direct line which has 10-12 lines in hunting group. Some of the classroom and teacher has 1-1 mapping. Some of the classroom phones shared by two teachers with different extensions. School is not accepting to add one more extension for the phone, since its difficult to them to remember. My application should run like this, if call comes from outside it will go to operator within school hours. If operator is being asked to transfer for teacher who is in classroom the call should go to voice mail straighaway before 300PM and after 300PM it should ring. If operator is unavailable or busy it should kick in the greetings with all the options. In this case also if caller press the classroom extension same things should happen as above. In both the cases internal users should be able to dial the classroom extension all the time.

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