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Time dependant Transfer

I have a problem. I need to transfer an Inbound call to different extensions depending on what day it is. I have a bank that is running Call Manager 3.2.2 and Unity 3.1.5. I have several branches connected to Main branch running Centralized Call Processing. During the week the receptionist at the main branch answers all of the inbound calls for all branches. On Saturday they want all the calls to go to another branch because the main branch is closed. I have pri connected at the main branch and pots lines connected to routers at the remote branches. What I need is to be able to do is redirect calls to another extension depending on the day of the call. ANYONE HAVE AN IDEA?

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Re: Time dependant Transfer

Are you running web attendant at the main branch? If you are, you can then route all the calls to voicemail if no attendants are available. If not, on the main number have the operator forward it to voicemail after they leave. On unity, set up a schedule for monday thru friday and your business hours. Then make the closed greeting active and set it to transfer the calls where you want them to go. So on weekends the calls will transfer to your other location.


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Re: Time dependant Transfer

You can also just run Attendant Console and setup the Hunt Group to route to first available member. Then you can either setup one AC user account that all receptionists use, but only the one who is going to take calls that day logs on. For instance Mon - Fri the main site receptionist logs in as AC1 then on Sat branch 1 receptionist logs in as AC1 and on Sun branch 2 receptionist can log on as AC1. Or you can set up different AC accounts, add all of them and their lines as hunt group members and just have them log in on the appropriate days.

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