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Time of Day example?

Running CCM 4.1(2) and Unity 4.0(4). Currently have incoming calls go to CTI Route Point call forwared to Unity call handler. Call Handler uses Unity's time schedule to either play a greeting during the night schedule, or it sends the call to a CCM hunt pilot to ring 5 phones simultaneously during the day. There is a delay when they answer the calls during the day, and I'm trying to let CCM do the time of day routing instead of Unity.

I've read the Admin and System guides for CCM, and understand how it works, but am looking for a bit more specific examples. What I'd like to do is have the router send the incoming calls to CCM's Hunt pilot to ring the 5 phones during the day, then at night, send the call to Unity to play the greeting. Seems pretty simple, and from what I've read on other posts is that others can't seem to get it working either.

The main problem I have is telling it where to route calls during the night. If I have the calls routed to the hunt pilot (which rings 5 phones) for daytime, how do I tell CCM to send the call to the Unity pilot at night?

Any suggestions?



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Re: Time of Day example?

Here is what you can try:

Create two partition A and B

Create the daily schedule and assign to partion A

Create night schedule and assign to partition B

Assign the same DN (DNIS number of the call) to both the hunt pilot and the CTI RP

Assign partition A to the hunt list pilot

Assign partition B to CTI RP pointing to Unity call handler

Add the 2 partitions to the CSS applied to the Gatway where calls arrive

Let me know if it works.


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Re: Time of Day example?

In this situation, you would not use a Route Pattern to route the call. You would want to use 2 translation patterns. I'll break it out:

1) Create your Time Periods and add them to the appropriate Time Schedules (under Route Plan-->Class of Control). This should give you 2 Time Schedules, one for business hours and one for everything else.

2) Create 2 partitions (i.e. MainNumber-Open and MainNumber-Closed). After you create them, modify each ones properties to use the appropriate Time Schedule you created.

3) Create 2 Translation patterns. These will point to the same pattern (if your main number is 1000, then both will have a Translation Pattern of 1000. Assign one of the 2 partitions you created to each one. The Calling Search Space for the one that uses the business hours partition should contain the Hunt Pilot for the 5 phones. The CSS for the one that uses the Everything else partition should contain the CTI Route Point for the Unity Call Handler.

4) Final step - Add the 2 partitions you created to the CSS assigned to your incoming call gateways.

The above steps will make it so that when a call comes in to the gateway, it will check its CSS for the 1000 dial pattern. If it is during business hours, the translation pattern to the Hunt Pilot is used. After business hours, the translation pattern to the CTI Route Point is used.

I have used this method a number of times and it has worked well. Hope it helps!


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