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Time of Day Transfering

currently unity 4.0 and Call Manager 3.3(2c)

I am trying to make a situation happen.

During the day a call comes in it hits call manager and rings the number and on a RNA goes to VM. fine

During the nonproduction times a call comes in and goes directly to the Autoattendant.

So I have setup a CH the following way...

Non-Production hours a call comes in goes to this call handler and it decides if it is non-production time and goes to Blank for greeting and then send to greeeting for on After greeting action. This works perfect..

Production hours a call comes in hits this CH and then goes to bank and for after greeting selection If I send to greeting for it plays the greeting and does not ring the phone. IF I say attempt transfer for this works however this will be the first thing the caller hears is please wait while I transfer your call and then it will ring the Front office. Any Ideas....

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Re: Time of Day Transfering

So is it that you want the "please wait while I transfer you call..." prompt to not play or you want another message to play to callers letting them know what's going on? If it's the former you can "blank out" that prompt following the instructions on this thread:

if I'm not getting what you want it to do here, let me know.

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