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Timed IP phones logoff

If you are using extension mobility and the IP phones are logged in. I know there is a function that you can set a idle timer to logoff the IP phones.

I'm looking for a script (xml of other) that delivers the following:

A script that you can time for example 6:00pm and that logoffs all the IP phones.

Does anybody know how to make this or maybe somebody already made it?


Dobias van Ingen


Re: Timed IP phones logoff

As far as I know, extension mobility is the only way to do this. I am not aware of a script that can be used to log off all IP phones. Please share the information with me also if you find a script which is capable of doing this.

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Re: Timed IP phones logoff

you will need a bit more than scripting, but there is an AXL method doDeviceLogout that will do the trick, so you will need someone who can do some XML development for you. from a separate server, use AXL to retrieve the list of phones, then, for each one, perform the doDeviceLogout. you will need a time-of-day trigger - i would use cron under linux.

I reckon it would take only a few hours to develop the software ...

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