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TimerT302, Timer310, Timer317 Settings

I've yet to dig up a discussion of what exactly these Timer settings do within the CM 3.1(3c) world for the CallManager Service. Our TimerT302 is set to 10000 (default of 15000), TimerT310 is set to 10000 (default of 60000), and TimerT317 is set to 300000 (default of 100000). The help file for these is not helpful. We are experiencing some call transfer issues (phone-to-phone and phone-to-voicemail) and wonder if these settings may have some impact on it. Any authoritative ideas?

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Re: TimerT302, Timer310, Timer317 Settings

I believe the settings you are looking for are also the same for CM 3.0. I had to change these timers at one time for tweaking purposes, but either way check this link out. It lists all of the service parameters and what they do for 3.0(9). I would think they would be the same for 3.1. I was not able to find anything in the 3.1 docs for service parameters.

Re: TimerT302, Timer310, Timer317 Settings

T302 is the interdigit time out for overlap reciving of ISDN Digits, particularly useful in countries like Germany where overlap reveiving is quite normal as they have varying lenght telephone numbers, It also acts as the timeout for interdigits when you use a ! in a route plan, if you do then set it shorter, but not the problem with your voice mail.

T310 is the call procceding timeout timer, really usefull if you have problems calling international or mobile destinations, best left high as there is no adverse effect in doing so.

T317, had a look at this one and its something to do with call re-start timeouts, never changed it and never found a need to.

I don't think the timers are your problem, what exactly are the transfer issues? I've seen transfer issues before and they tended to be cluster problems rather than timers, are you running non cisco gateways?


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Re: TimerT302, Timer310, Timer317 Settings

We are running 6608 blades for PRI access and 6624 blades for FXS. The FXS ports connect directly to the voicemail system. We did NOT have the "busy signal" issue with transfers to voicemail (nor the transfer problem in general), until we went to 3.1(1) from 3.0(9). We're now at 3.1(3c) and have loaded every conceivable patch (the latest being an engineering release).

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