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* to say goodbye not working from TUI?

Brand new 3.0.2 installation -- users are reporting that after going thru TUI to listen to all their messages, they get a system prompt saying hit "*" to leave the system, but when they do, they are routed to the Operator's IP Phone extension.<br><br>There seems to be nothing out of the ordinary with "*" in anyone's Caller Input, they are all set to Sign-In.<br><br>Any clues on where to look for this one?<br><br>TIA, Phil<br><br>

New Member

Re: * to say goodbye not working from TUI?

Onsite now - the problem (from user's perspective) is, after signing in, the prompt sez, "press * to exit the system".

During Closed hours, they get routed back to Signin, and during Open hours, they are routed to the Operator. I didn't think Menu options are edittable, and the * is recognized by the TTstar event when watching StatusMonitor.

Any clues would be greatly appreciated, Phil


Re: * to say goodbye not working from TUI?

So this is from the subscriber conversation right? In other words folks are signing into their mailbox, listening to messages and pressing * to exit their mailbox to get back out to the opening greeting, right?

Yeah, the "user input" values for * have no bearing here, those are only active for outside callers listening to the subscriber's greeting. If we're exiting the mailbox and going different places during off hours vs. standard schedule I'd have to guess this is a routing rules issue of some sort. We hand the call back to the arbiter at that point and it processes the routing rules from the point of the subscriber sign in conversation down (the "attempt sign in" conversation rule there).

What do you have setup in the way of routing rules? Anything unusual?

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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Re: * to say goodbye not working from TUI?

No, this was a vanilla install. No routing rules other than what's in the box.


Re: * to say goodbye not working from TUI?

Try using the StatusMonitor.EXE utility in the TechTools directory to see exactly which handlers it's going through when you test the behavior. It might help identify the fault.

Scott Morgan
Cisco Systems TAC

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