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Tollbypass call and wan congestion

Centralized CCM cluster with 4 remote sites. We are going to have the feature of tollbypass call offnet to the remote PRI gateway. For example, HQ and remote office A, Office A's area code is 604. People in HQ dial 16041231234 to reach city A's PSTN number to be as tollbypass plan, call will use A's PRI offnet to PSTN. This is no problem. My question is in the route group I defined HQ local GW as a second GW, when WAN is congested, will call automatically use the HQ's PRI? I understand AAR will not work here because AAR is designed for calls between IP phones in different locations. Thanks

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Re: Tollbypass call and wan congestion


You confusing 2 features here AAR and plain location based CAC.

If all you want to do is send call over the IPWAN first for tollbypass and then fallback to local pstn trunks is wan is busy. then simply enable location based CAC i.e..

Put site a in location A devices and site B devices in location B and reserve enoguh bandwidht for the number of calls that you'll like to see exist on the WAN link based on how much bandwidth you have.

you'll create route-group rg_IPWAN and RG_LOCAL_PSTN and put them in a route-list rl_tollbypass_to_siteA. you'll put the rg_IPWAN fist in the list and RG_LOCAL_PSTN second.

*********CALL FLOW *************

if user in site B call site A, the call would go out through a route-pattern that uses route-list rl_tollbypass_to_siteA. The call is sent out through the device associated to the rg_IPWAN.

assuming the CAC is setup to allow 10 calls nad the 11 calls is made, the call will be rejected by CAC when attempting to go over rg-IPWAN devices and the next route-group is the route-list is picked which is RG_LOCAL_PSTN and the calls is forwarded out through teh site B local PSTN gateway.

That should do what you want without AAR since you're not calling a directory number which exist in a nother location (site). This calls are actually macthing a route-pattern

Hope it helps



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