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Tone on Hold

I am running callmanager 3.1(4b) in a centralised deployment model. We have our callmanagers (pub + sub) located in our HQ and connected to our branch office via a frame pvc. What i am trying to achieve is to disable MoH for the branch office and instead enable Tone on Hold. I would like MoH to be available to the HQ users though. Therefore, when an ip phone at the HQ puts someone on hold, the calling party will hear MoH and when an ip phone at the branch office puts someone on hold, the calling party should simply hear Tone on Hold (beeps). The reason for doing this is to conserve bandwidth across the pvc.

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Re: Tone on Hold

I've had a dig around and have created an MRG/MRGL for the branch office, excluding the MoH server, and assigned the phones to it. I'll see how it goes...... hopefully it plays the default tone on hold and not silence.

If anyone else has done this, i'd appreciate your feedback/results.


Re: Tone on Hold


I've never done that myself but my understanding is that all media resources are available to all devices at any time and the only thing you can do is either delete or preference them, so i dont think your setup will work. If all resources in the MRGL are exhausted, Cisco CallManager looks for media resources in the default,or , MRG.

Probably deleting the g729 moh file from the tftppath will work better

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Re: Tone on Hold

Thanks for your input.

I'll be testing the changes i made tomorrow, so i'll let you know how it went.

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Re: Tone on Hold

I too have had this problem running 3.1(4b) I found it to be very difficult. The problem I had was even when MRGLs were configured correctly it still didn't work. We eventually went to 3.2.2 and suddenly we were able to get it working, Bizzarre!

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