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Touch Tone Recognition

One of our clients cannot get our Unity system to respond when they are using their touch-tone key-presses.<br><br>Is there something I can adjust in our system?<br><br>We are running on Unity version 2.3 Build Do you need more system info to answer?<br><br><br>


Re: Touch Tone Recognition

Well, there’s a couple of things that come to mind here…

First off, we’d need to know what switch/integration you were using.

From your description, I’m assuming it’s only folks calling from this location and they’re all coming in from the outside, right? No problems with TTs internally or from other external callers, DID lines etc…?

Is it completely “deaf” to TTs from this site or is it just missing a tone here or there in the conversation?

Is there noise on the lines they are calling in on or is the sound clear, just no TT navigation capability?

If it’s not getting any TTs, they probably need to configure their switch to send TT on calls to the outside world. I would think that would already be setup but you never know… You can test this real quick by hooking an analog phone up to one of the lines going into the voice mail, have someone there call in as they would to access the system and see if tones come through.

If it’s just dropping the occasional digit here or there, they may need to increase the TT duration in the switch, but I would tend to doubt that since the Dialogic cards can pick up pretty hot TTs (40ms cuts through consistently and is rather short… most switches will send 70-100 ms at least).

There’s no setting on Unity anywhere that makes us more sensitive to TTs… it shouldn’t be necessary. You’re more likely to get results looking at the switch configuration I’d think. Perhaps a flaky or inoperable tone generator on their switch?

I'm gussing some of the more experienced switch gurus out here might have some nuggets of wisdom for you...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect
Active Voice

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