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Transfer does not work after every three days


This is the problem faced by our Client where Cisco CallManager 4.1(3) is working alongwith Cisco Unity. There is a router gateway for offnet call to PSTN. There are nearly 200 IP Phones working there.


After every three to four days, the problem mentioned below happens and is resolved when we select the running Media Termination Point, and reset it.

The problem that begin to start is that when the call comes to an IP Phone from the PSTN, the transfer button in the IP Phone does not work and if you press it, then nothing will happen and the caller will be remained on call with you.

I am also sending you the CCM Trace log file in which an "ERROR AllocateMtpResourceReq failed" is clearly seen many times. But we have monitored from Real Time Monitoring Tool and in that there are much resources available. There is also "capability mismatch" displayed there. I have checked all the codec things but everything is fine. As we are using on our LAN g711 and PSTN also uses g711 so there should be no problem. We are using g729 for voIP but the call coming from that are not experiencing this problem.

Note: All these things are not continuously happening.

This happen starts to happen after sometime and start to create problem in transferring until we reset the Media Termination point.

During transfer problem, When the call comes to an operator, than the operator transfers it to some extension but it does not work. So in this way it is very critical. Its good that we come to know this that if we reset MTP then everything will come to normal otherwise it would have damage our entire calling system. But to reset this after every three to four days is not a solution to this problem.

This problem has started a month ago. Before that there was no transfer problem. Everything was perfectly fine.

Waiting for a response.

Muhammad Waqar Khan
Cisco Employee

Re: Transfer does not work after every three days

Interesting issue. Not sure why resetting the MTP would temporarily resolve this. I took a look at the traces. There is not much to go on since they are only set to Error. We will need to see Detailed CCM traces of the problem so we can see the call flow.

Do the "ERROR AllocateMtpResourceReq failed - CAPABILITY MIS-MATCH" messages occur all the time or only after the transfer problem happens?

The capability mismatch could be due to an MoH misconfiguration. Take a look at the Region config between the MoH servers and the devices being placed on hold, usually the remote gateways. If they are set for G.729 then look at the "Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App" service parameters. If only the G.711 codec is selected then a transcoder will need to be invoked to play MoH to the G.729 devices. You can add the G.729 codec to stop invoking the transcoder.

Many times the Transfer problem you described can be attributed to the Max Calls setting for that line. Take a look at this for operator.

When the problem occurs does it happen everytime after?

Where there any changes made to the voice network about a month ago?

The best way to troubleshoot this is to set the traces to detailed. When the problem occurs have the person note the time of the call and if possible the calling number. Collect the traces. I would recommend opening a TAC case and provide the traces along with the call time, called number and calling number.


Community Member

Re: Transfer does not work after every three days

I too have seen this issue at two separate customers in the last 3 weeks. Both are running 4.1(3)SR1. I am looking for a bug id on this as it seems to be in more than one system. If I come up with anything I'll let you know...


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