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Transfer dosen't work


System: CallManager 3.1.(3a) and Unity 2.4.6

Seems that Subscriber.Call Transfer.Transfer incoming calls dosent work here.

Selecting "Yes,ring..." still send the calls directly to subscribers greeting.

And yes, I have pressed the save button!

I can't remember if we ever tried this before but I don't thing so.

Does anyone have an idea?

Cisco Employee

Re: Transfer dosen't work

Do you get anything in the applications event viewer logs when this happens? Is it 'Release to switch' or 'supervised' transfer (have you try each option)?

Cisco Employee

Re: Transfer dosen't work

Please walk through the call flow of exactly how the call is reaching the handler/subscriber you have setup to transfer to the phone... typically this is a case where the one key rule is set to not try the transfer rules (i.e. it goes directly to the greeting) or the call if forwarding in from that number into Unity and we deliberately skip the transfer rules (this throws folks from time to time) or the like.

If you walk through how a call hits this handler soup-to-nuts we should be able to figure out what's going on.

Community Member

Re: Transfer dosen't work

Yep..It was in the Call Routing. Setting up a new rule with transfer to subscriber helped. No I just need to find out how to get rid of the "Please wait while I transfer your call" message. Is that possible?

Cisco Employee

Re: Transfer dosen't work

Just to be clear... it shouldn't be necessary to create any new routing rules for this to work. If a routing rule was required to get normal logins and forward to greetings to fly, something is wrong.

As for the "please wait..." prompt, here's a post on that:

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