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Transfer to another party for name lookup ONLY

In the AA if i change a user to transfer calls to another extension, then when a user searches by last name, all works well, however if a user enter an extension DIRECTLY then they still get transferred to the other extension, I know this is the correct behaviour, what I am asking is if I can have someone enter the users extension directly and have it go to that phone and ONLY have the search by name transfer to another extension...clear as mud? 8-)<br><br>------------------------------<br>Michael Perbix<br>Lower Merion School District<br>Network Hardware Technician


Re: Transfer to another party for name lookup ONLY

Hmmm…. Just trying to wrap my brain around this one. I’m guessing an executive/CEO type and a beleaguered personal assistant are involved here… Just a wild guess.

I would create a second subscriber account for Mr. Big Shot that has his voice name recorded and his spelled name and all that, give it a bogus DTMF_ID (i.e. 777777) and remove the “list in directory” option from Mr. I’m-too-important-to-answer-my-own-phone’s primary subscriber account. Have the dummy subscriber account setup to do a release transfer to the hard working and underpaid personal assistant’s phone and leave the primary subscriber account setup to transfer to the great pointy-haired one.

If outside callers spell the name of the Mr. Two-martini-lunch (it’s important to note here that I’m not bitter and I don’t have issues with authority) they will end up getting transferred to the personal assistant. If someone knows the CEO’s extension, they can dial it directly and will end up transferring right to their phone since it’ll match on the DTMF_ID of their primary subscriber account.

Is that what you’re looking for?

Jeff Lindborg
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Re: Transfer to another party for name lookup ONLY

I have to say that , yes that will work, and that has to be one of the funniest and right on commentaries I have read in a long long time 8-)......

Michael Perbix
Lower Merion School District
Telecommunicatons Specialist

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