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Community Member

transfer to hunt group

Is it possible to configure a zero-out to a hunt group (pilot point) in Call Manager?

Cisco Employee

Re: transfer to hunt group

Is it that you want callers inside Unity to be able to dial "0" and have those callers be transferred to a pilot point?

Community Member

Re: transfer to hunt group

No. We want the ability that if a caller gets someone's voicemail greeting, they can hit zero during the greeting and get transfered to the pilot point.

Cisco Employee

Re: transfer to hunt group

That's actaully what I meant by "inside Unity", so I think we are talking about the same thing. At any rate, you should be able to do this. Create the pilot point and set it up. In Unity, create a call handler that will transfer to the pilot point. The DN of the call handler doesn't necessarily have to match the DN of the pilot point, just as long as the transfer-to destination of the call handler is the DN of the pilot point. Make sure that this call handler is using the correct transfer rule -- by default the "alternate" rule is enabled and does not transfer. You can either change the alternate rule to transfer or disable it.

From a subscriber's settings in Unity, go to the caller ipnut options. Make sure that it's set to allow caller input. For the "0" option, set it to attempt transfer to the call handler (that transfers to the pilot point) that was previosuly created.

Let me know if that doesn't cut it.

Community Member

Re: transfer to hunt group

The Alternate was the problem...thanks much!

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