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Transfer to Hunt Group

We use the WebAttendant to allow multiple users to perform Receptionist duties at varying times at our company. We are trying to eliminate the possibility of incoming calls ringing off the hook because the receptionist failed to log out of the WebAttendant at the end of the day.<br><br>Our plan is to route calls to Unity initially and use Unity's Scheduling abilities to route calls to the Hunt Group during the day and to a Call Handler after-hours in order to accomplish this. The problem we have is that Unity, by default, plays a message stating "Please wait while I transfer your call" when transferring callers back to the Hunt Group. Since calls are coming directly into Unity, this is the very first thing callers hear, which Management dislikes.<br><br>Is it possible to do a transfer from Unity to a Hunt Group without having this message played? If not, is there a way for the Call Manager to force Web Attendant users off the system at a certain time?<br><br>Our Unity is version 2.4 Build, and our Call Manger is 3.0(11). Thank You.<br><br>Jonathon Moore<br>Ultra-Newbie<br>Red Capital Group<br>


Re: Transfer to Hunt Group

Unity really doesn't know that at one time it's transferring to a hunt group and at another time it's transferring to an IP phone. That message is going to be played any time Unity performs a transfer. You could get rid of the prompt (by making it a very short silent wav file), but I think TAC usually frowns upon such things. Additionally, if the prompt were replaced with a silent wav file, that prompt would never get played when transfering to regular phones.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

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