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Transfer to pilot point

I am attempting to set up a call handler to take inbound calls and route them to a pilot point during business hours and after hours point them to a "We're closed" message. I have set up a pilot point with with a hunt group at extension 1000. When I dial 1000 from a phone it works fine. I have an inboud line 2169 set up as a phantom extension that fowards on no answer to 5000 (voicemail). 2169 is set as a call handler to transfer to 1000. <br><br>For some reason it was not working at all, but after restarting unity it is working fine. However, is there any way to transfer without telling the caller that it is being transfered?<br><br>I would like it to take the call during business hours and transfer it to my operators, and after hours hand it off to a recorded message.<br><br>


Re: Transfer to pilot point

There's no way to configure Unity to not play the "please hold while I transfer your call". I've had a few sites replace that prompt with an "empty", silent prompt, however... this works but be aware that this is system wide and the Unity upgrade will replace the prompt if you upgrade versions later and you'll have to make the change again. You have to be careful because there are a couple prompts that sound very similar here, you need to make sure you get the right on.

If you're interested, I can look up the prompt here...

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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Re: Transfer to pilot point

I've been thinking and I'm not sure it is a bad thing, however, I have noticed something else that bothers me...

When I say "Release to switch" it transfers the call, but it doesn't place the caller on hold, if for some reason the phone continues to ring (no one answers it) there is nothing being presented to the caller i.e. hold miusic, tone, or phone ringing. I'm afraid that what might happen is that the caller will think they have been disconnected, any ideas?

I tried supervised transfer, they then get the hold music, it waits x number of rings then drops the call if no one answers, is there something I can do to send the call back to the pilot point? If no one answers????

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