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Transferred calls drop after 60 minutes

Sorry for what is likely an easy question. I am trying to figure out why some calls drop after 60 minutes. We are running a CCME/CUE implementation on a 2851. One employee reported that she has to call a certain company (trying to keep this a vague as possible as to not accidentally release any sensitive info) in South America. This company being called is a US company running a call center out of South America.

When she calls, she asks to be routed back to the US due to the language barrier between her and the folks at the foreign call center. I assume that when the employee calls the "1-888" number, that it is answered in the US and forwarded via IP to the call center. I would guess that the call center then transfers this call still over IP back to the US service rep.

In any case, these calls can be lengthly and sometimes well in excess of 60 minutes. The employee reported that since the installation of the new CCME in Dec 06, any calls over 60 mins are being dropped.

It seems to me that the foreign call center is the culprit here - dropping any transferred calls lasting longer than 60 mins. Can anyone give me a suggestion on how I might go about determining the cause of these disconnects?

We are running CCME 4 and IOS12.4(11)T1. Calls within the US that happen to be over 60 mins are NOT being dropped. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and advice.

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Re: Transferred calls drop after 60 minutes


I personally make calls longer than 60 min, with CCME to some South American friends (trying to keep it vague to not release any personal info :)

Anyway, if you use ISDN, it is easy to see which side is dropping the call. Enter "debug isdn q931" and "term mon". This is relatively low output and can be left on for days. You can also log to router memory or syslog server.

If you don't have isdn you can still see many things with "debug vpm signal". It is a little more verbose but still not overwhelming.

Hope this helps, if so please rate post!

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