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translating inbound PRI calls

Hello all,

The telco is sending 4 digits down the PRI. I'm trying to convert any DID that comes down the PRI into the number 4300, and then present it to the Call Manager to route to the receptionist's phone.

I figure the best way to do this is with a translation-rule on the gateway (mgcp), however I'm not having much luck...CCO docs seem very crytpic and don't quite tell me exactly what I need to do.

Once I create the translation-rule, where do I apply it so that its translated before it gets to call manager?

Can anyone point me to any useful docs?

Thanks in advance.

New Member

Re: translating inbound PRI calls

Try this on the router:


translation-rule 1

Rule 0 ^.% 4300


voice-port 2/0:23

translate called 1



If that does not work, you can try this the router as well:


voice-port 2/0:23

connection plar opx 4300



I am not sure if you can do either of the above methods since you are using an MGCP gateway. If not, here is the undocumented way to have CCM perform this type of translation:

1. Create a Partition <4300_PLAR_PT>

2. Create a Calling Search Space <4300_PLAR_CSS>

3. Create a Route Pattern for 4300 and assign it to the 4300_PLAR_PT.

4. Create a Translation Pattern, leave the pattern empty, assign it to 4300_PLAR_PT, assign it to 4300_PLAR_CSS, and assign 4300 to the Called Party Transformation Mask.

5. Go to your PRI in the MGCP Gateway configuration page and assign the Inbound Calls Calling Search Space to the 4300_PLAR_CSS.

BTW, You may be able to skip step 3, but it was necessary in my network since I am routing calls to a phone that is not residing on the CCM.

Hope this helps...

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Re: translating inbound PRI calls


This my be a little to low tech for most! Why not just create a translation patter that sends every DID to the reception pilot point number....


43XX ---> 0

Just my point of view.....

I use the KISS design to over come issues all the time....Keep It Simple Stupid......


New Member

Re: translating inbound PRI calls

I was assigning internal DNs a corresponding DID, so basically all of my Dns had 43XX extensions.

None of the IOS commands worked, nor did the undocumented method, and I think its because of the range of my DNs.

Carl, I have not actually tried setting up that translation pattern, but wont it just loop forever if all the members of that hunt group have 43XX extensions?

I ended up just changing the internal DNs to a 2000 range, and created a translation pattern for

43XX -> 2000

Everything workes fine now.

This is just a non-critical AVVID rollout I'm doing in a lab in order to learn it better. I'm trying get a feel for "best practice" and figure out what works and what doesn't....and it seems that in the real world its not such a great idea to do a straight mapping of DID to DN? Or am I wrong?

/no telco background

Thanks Sarmentrout and Carl for your help, I appreciate all the input.

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Re: translating inbound PRI calls

I do not know if you have figured this out yet but.. Your initial post indicates that you are using an mgcp gateway and you are trying to use translation patterns, when the gateway is in mgcp mode I do not think that you can use translation patterns that is an h.323 thing. To solve your problem I would do the following.

1. Create a new partition call it inbound_only

2. Create a new search space call it cs_inbound and add the partition above to it.

3. Create a new translation pattern with XXXX as the translation in the new partition set the search space as the search space that has the 4300 number is located in and then set the called party transformation mask to 4300.

4. On the call search space for your gateway set it to cs_inbound

So we now have a translation pattern that will match any 4 digits as the only object in a partition. The search space is set to only search that partition. The gateway has the new search space set to the search space on in bound calls. So when the call comes in the only object in partitions that are searched has only one thing the translation pattern that will match any four digits and set the called number and searches again in the new search space. Your phone will be in the new search space and ring.

Hope this is clear and helps


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