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Translation-pattern CCM- gateway

Dear sir

I wanted to know that translation-pattern for call manager.

I have Head office with cisco 2801 (gateway).I am using 4xxx as a internal dial plan

And all my DID's are map on these 4xxx numbers, similarly I have branch office router 2801 with CCM 3XXX as dial plan for branch office.

I have PRI 5304800 in headoffice, and branchoffice PRI number is 4348700.

I wanted to know how to dial just 3xxx digits in headoffice so call will automatically land on my branch office internal ip phone. Similarly with branch office to headoffice.

Kindly tell me do I need to create translation-pattern in CCM and translation-profile in gateway?

What will be the rule on gateway. And what will be the translation steps in CCM.

You assistance will be highly appreciated.


Re: Translation-pattern CCM- gateway

Im a little confused here. It sounds like you have the following:

Office A Extensions 4XXX

PT Office A

CSS-Office A

Office B Extensions 3XXX

PT Office B

CSS_Offiec B

If the sites are connected with data, you should be able to call directly between Office A and Office B. The only thing you need to adjust is the following:

CSS-OfficeA (should include)

PT Office A

PT Office B

CSS_Office B

PT Office B

PT Office A

This shows the calling search spaces have access to each PT.

If you do not want to change the CSS and PTs, you will need to create an Translation Pattern in each Calling Search Space.

So when someone in CSS-Office A dials 3xxx, the translation pattern is used, and it's "next hop" is to the CSS Office B with XXXX

Hope this helps

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