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Translation Pattern Problem

Hi everyone

I'm hoping somebody can help me!

I am trying to perform a very simple task on my CallManager, yet for some reason I am having immense difficulties!

Scenario is as follows:

I had an IP Phone with a DN of 5706. This phone was de-registered and unplugged

On the CCM, I deleted this phone (not just the DN - the entire DEVICE) and then tried to create a Translation Pattern, where the Translation Pattern=5706

For some reason, I am getting an error on the CCM saying that "There is already an existing Directory Number or pattern using the selected Partition, Route Filter combination"

I am sure there is not!!!

I have checked everywhere on the CCM, and I cannot see any other reference to this DN

I have run the Route Plan report, and it DOES list 5706 as a "device", however there is no Device Name or Description (there was before I deleted the phone)

I have also rebooted the CCM, and the problem still exists.

I am running CCM 4.1(3)sr3a

Has anyone ever seen this or have any ideas???




Re: Translation Pattern Problem

Go to the numplan table in the CCM030X database in SQL --> Enterprise Manager. Right click on that table and select open table --> query. select the DNorRP box and under criteria put 5706, if you get a result delete that table.

Re: Translation Pattern Problem

Sorry, delete the output of that search which will be the DN.

New Member

Re: Translation Pattern Problem

Thanks for your help - managed to resolve it by doing the simplest of things:

Go to Route Plan report, list Unassigned DN's.

from there, delete your DN that is conflicting



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