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Translation Pattern Question.

I have a multitenant site that currently has a pabx connected to An e1 port on a CAT 6509 the DID come in on another e1 that connects to the pabx.

One of the bigger clients uses a ucd group for comfort messages and group stats on the pabx

and gets call stats generated from it.

The issue is that they dont like the idea of logging into the Icd agent ICD app amongst things. otherwise I would setup IVRICD for them .This floor of 200 uses will be cut over in two weeks to IP so the whole number range will come with it

therfor the e1 that goes to pabx from telco will go to cat blade.

The client has a 1800 number that forwards to the ucd group number on pabx.

What I'm thinking is create a translation pattern for there UCD number and associate with the e1 gateway between the CAT and the Pabx and hopefully the calls would go to the pabx.

Will this work ? Does the translation pattern need to be applied on the incoming e1 ?

Any other suggestions ?

I would love to ditch the pabx Though I need to be able to generate the abandoned longest etc stats for the client and they have several issues .

What if the pc crashes ?

They are on there own private data network so a second nic would be required for there notebooks .

the list goes on


Re: Translation Pattern Question.

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