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translation pattern to restrict usage

I have some pots ports and I want to restrict calls made from those ports, so I apply an outgoing translation rule. The way I've thought to restrict them is to define codes using a translation pattern list. But now, I need to allow everyone using those phones to dial one country, Korea, without using a code. I'm not sure how to do it since the gateway seems to evaluate all patterns in the list before finding a match, unlike ACLs that match the first thing they find. Here is what I have so far:

translation-rule 2

Rule 0 ^39383709 9

Rule 1 ^38363419 9

Rule 2 ^32343639 9

Rule 3 ^901 0000

rules 0-2 are codes and rule 3 causes all international attempts without a code to fail. I need to allow 901182.+ to get through. Is there any way to do this?

Incidently, is there a better way to implement access codes on gateways? This solution is just what I came up with, but it seems kludgy and not scalable or easily managed.

Also, does ANYONE know of a page explaining ALL of the possible syntax and variables used by translation patterns? It seems sorely lacking.


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Re: translation pattern to restrict usage

One way you could do this is to write a translation pattern for the call you want to be routed. It should be an exact match. But this could not be feasible if you have many such numbers to be routed. I have found a document which explains the configuration of translation patterns.It is:

Configuring Translation Patterns

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