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Translation Pattern with Overlap Sending


I have a route pattern "0." to do overlap sending to my GW for external calls.

I want to "preconfigure" numbers with translation pattern as follow : dial the 1000 to call the 022222222 to make an external call.

The problem is that I get a Reorder Tone.

When I change the route pattern to "0.!", (so I don't do overlap sending, I must wait interdigit timeout) the translation is working.fine.

I think this is not a problem but a normal way of work, but that means I must configure the preconfigured numbers for external calls as Route Patterns and not Translation Patterns.

Can anyone explain me why the translation pattern isn't working with overlap sending?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Translation Pattern with Overlap Sending

Hello, jconi.

CCM must collect all digits before making decision

where to route call, so how I uderstand CCM cann't

process overlap receive/send only batch.

But if you donn't want wait interdigits timeout you

can use fast dial, prepend # at the and of route


Actually I donn't understand how you want made

translations, if you want translate 1000 to the

022222222# you can configure translation pattern

and after that configure route pattern 0!#

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Re: Translation Pattern with Overlap Sending

This was due to the bug which causes redial problems using overlap sending with an MGCP gateway configured in a Route List.

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