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New Member

translation pattern


I have two Ip Phones A and B with different partition (PA and PB) but they have the same call search space “CSS1”

I wish create a translation pattern which applies to PA and not on PB

There is somebody can helps me to Realize this .

I have a translation pattern with “CSS1” and partition “PA” But the Phone A and B They have the same behavior.

Best Regards

New Member

Re: translation pattern

The translation pattern applies to the partitions referenced in the CSS, not the partition that the phone is assigned to.

If both phones are using the same CSS, the route pattern closest match for any dial string is going to point to the same partition for either phone, so both phones get the same translation.

You need to create two CSS's - one that contains a reference to PA (but not PB) and the other references PB (but not PA) and route patterns for both partitions.

New Member

Re: translation pattern


If I realize this configuration Ip Phone A can not call Phone B, because they are in different CSS and there is very important for me whom A communicate with B.

Best regards

Re: translation pattern

OK here's what you do.

Phone A - Partition A - CSS A

Phone B - Partition B - CSS B

Translation Pattern - Partition C - CSS C

CSS A - Partition A - Partition B - Partition C

CSS B - Partition A - Partition B

CSS C - Partition A - Partition B - Partition C

this way A can Call B and the translation pattern, B can call A but NOT the translation Pattern, The translation pattern can call either A or B.

I believe this is what you wanted.


New Member

Re: translation pattern

I think we are confusing device and search space partitions. Devices can be a member of the same partition and have different calling search spaces.

We have a generic partition for all users - that way they can call each other.

We use the CSS to restrict the outgoing call routing.

Device.......Dev. Ptn............Calling Search Space


Phone A....Ptn Generic.....CSS-A (which contains Ptn-Generic + Ptn-A)

Phone B....Ptn Generic.....CSS-B (which contains Ptn-Generic + Ptn-B)

The route pattern for Ptn-Generic is On-Switch only.

The route patterns for Ptn-A or Ptn-B reflect the appropriate off-switch routing, filters, and translations that apply to those partitions.

Everybody can call everybody On-Switch. Call restrictions apply to Off-Switch dial patterns.

For multi-cluster CCM's , you can create yet another partition that allows inter-cluster calls, using route patterns that apply to that partition.

Re: translation pattern

You are wrong or did not read the request.

Any device in a partition can call any other device in the same partition, regardless of their calling search space configuration. What was requested was that one device be allowed to call the other device but not a particular translation pattern. This immediatlet tells you that the devices MUST be in different partitions otherwise you can not restrict them. Calling search spaces are collections of partitions, so a device in a partition can only call devices in the same partition AND devices in the partitions in the calling search space assigned to that device.

My reply to the request did what was requested, sometimes people don't want every extension to call every other extension, some times they do. Call restrictions can be made on switch as well as off switch.

No confusion.