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Translation Problem

Upgraded CCM to 3.2(2c) and all of our translation patterns are now locked to "Urgent Priority" and we cannot create translations without this option being locked. This creates problems with speed dials and DNIS digits that are translated b/c if the digits happen to be the same as a local phone number, every time someone tries to call that local number the urgent translation grabs it and routes the call to the ip phone rather than passing it to the PSTN! Any clues as to how to disable this?


Cisco Employee

Re: Translation Problem

I have 3.0-3.2 machines and every one has the translation patterns as urgent priority. I know there were some changes in routing between 3.1 and 3.2 though.

Without knowing more I would say that your best direction is to assign the applicable gateways a Calling Search Space that has the partition of the internal phones above the partition assigned to your translation patterns. In fact, reading over your message, i would say that in every CSS you list the internal partition (partition assigned to DNs on phones) before the partition assigned to the translation pattern. In the event of a "tie", the highest-ranked partition in the CSS wins.

I'm unclear on the use of the translation patterns, but if they are used just for incoming calls (DNIS), then create a "gateway " CSS and a unique partition for the translation patterns that is only in the "gateway" CSS. This means no-one else can call the translation patterns (that partition), so the trans patterns are only invoked for gateway calls. Lots of options here.


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