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translation question

Now, I have 2*** and 3*** extension, the 3*** is DID ,but 2*** is not. So when 3*** dial out,the calling number is normal and display 3***, but 2**** is unnormal, the called can't dial back directly throught 2***. How to configure the translation when all 2**** dial out, his calling number is the AutoAttendant number, for example 3666?


Re: translation question

You may use External Phone mask number and enable it under the Route Pattern or configure special Route Patterns and use calling party transform mask (which involves different partitions for 2*** numbers)

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Re: translation question

For gogasca :

Do your mean that I need configure 2 partition for 3*** and 2*** ,and under Route Pattern of partition 2*** I enable External Phone mask number and use calling party transform mask ?


Re: translation question

Let me ask you something, is this for inbound calls? because there are some settigns in order to add the digits for the missed calls, check this link:

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Re: translation question

Sorry I can't help you on the specifics with CCM, but I find this interesting.

Do you mean the telco is letting pass the unallocated calling number and gives it as CLID to any POTS user ?

In countries that I know if you specify a calling number part of DID it is passed but if it not it gets replaced with the pilot DID.

So the problem of sending out a non reachable number does not exist.

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