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Translations rules


I have a setup where my gateway is connected to a Ericsson MD110, so I recieve all my calls through this gateway, internal and external calls. But I only want to add a "0" to the external calls, so when I hit the "redial" button on my IP-phone, the number dialed is correct for an outbound call. Where as if I hit redial on an internal number from the Ericsson PBX, I only want the local number (5 digits) to be dialed, without adding the zero. The local numbers are allways 5 digits, but the can start with the same digit as the external numbers. The translation rule I have tried to use is:

translation-rule 2

Rule 1 ^1....... 01

Rule 2 ^2....... 02

Rule 3 ^3....... 03

Rule 4 ^4....... 04

Rule 5 ^5....... 05

Rule 6 ^6....... 06

Rule 7 ^7....... 07

Rule 8 ^8....... 08

Rule 9 ^9....... 09

Rule 10 00.% 000

The external calls are 8 digits long.

Is there anyone who knows how I able to configure this?


Kind regards



Re: Translations rules

Couple of things.

1) This might work as long as you apply this rule set to the appropriate POTS dial peer using the " translate-outgoing called 2" command. I am sure you would be doing this already.

2) Word of caution. This may not work for any mobile numbers which might be longer than 8 digits

You may also want to check up this link

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