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Trouble transfering to non CM numbers

We've had a problem as we attempt to push unity's mission outward :-) When we try to set up a call handler to transfer to a number across our integration link to our NEC switch (not on the call manager) via "Release to switch" it rings the number once then hangs up - if you catch the number while it is ringing you get an immediate fast busy.<br><br>I suspected CSS and Partitions on CM obviously (bTW - CM is 3.1.3(a)) - but I've checked them and they SEEM fine - here's the tricky bit...<br><br>If I change from "release to switch" - to supervised transfer - and set the rings relatively high like 5 or 6 - it rings through fine and you can answer etc. Is this just the way you have to do it across an integration (i.e. can't "release to switch" if the switch is your traditional switch - or does this point to something in my CM or UNity setup i could check. Direct release to switch transfers work fine for numbers homed off the call manager...<br><br>knowing i messed something up...<br><br> - ken :-)<br><br>Ken Johnson<br>Mgr. Network Services<br>LeTourneau University<br>


Re: Trouble transfering to non CM numbers

The TSP may be trying to release the transfer to quickly. What version is the TSP? Just check the file properties of \winnt\system32\avskinny.tsp.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems


Re: Trouble transfering to non CM numbers

Hm - it's would that cause a problem?

Ken Johnson
Mgr. Network Services
LeTourneau University

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