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Troubleshooting static and robot-like voice quality

We recently installed AAVID at a remote site. The Call Manager, E991 server, and gateway to our PBX are all at the main site. This has been up an running for a few months with no problems. Yesterday, users began compaining that, when talking to someone beyond the PBX, the far end user was reporting static and a robot-like voice quality. The IP phone users were not experiencing the same symptoms. Because we haven't experienced any problems previously, I am extremely new to troubleshooting voice issues. I'm looking at everything I know to look at and I can't find anything. I guess what I'm hoping for is some tips on what to look at and commands to do so. HELP!

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Re: Troubleshooting static and robot-like voice quality

It would be interesting to see your configuration on your integration gateway. Lots of things come into play. Is the integration link analog? Is it E&M tie? Digital? Make sure your codecs are consistent. VoIP dial peers default to G.729 codec. You have to configure G.711 specifically. Again, a snapshot of the configuration would help give suggestions on troubleshooting this further.

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Re: Troubleshooting static and robot-like voice quality

This is due to jitter at the gateway. If you do a search on jitter, you will find a bunch of info on how/why this happens.

To correct the "robotic voice" problem, you will need to adjust the playout command at the gateways. There are variations of this command for MGCP and nonMGCP configurations. The adaptive configuration works the best for me.

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