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TTS problem

Some days ago, I put a question under the Title "Text to Speech doesn't work"; but still now I’m waiting for an answer…

The problem I have is that subscribers can’t hear e-mails by phone, when they try, the next message is sent to them: “That e-mail cannot be played at this time, try again later” (Let me tell you that both ports for TTS are free, because there are no other subscribers using it).

You ask me for the values under the key:

HKLM\Software\Active Voice\TTS\Initalization\Default Speakers\

But under that key there are no values, the only one is Default and hasn’t any value attached.

I thought it was the result of a wrong installation but I made a new one using the same server and the problem still continues.

Any idea about how to solve that?

Cisco Employee

Re: TTS problem

to be fair, there were six replies in that thread... it's not like we ignored you. When we transitioned to the new forum some folks lost track of ongoing threads.

If there's nothing under this key you have some sort of setup/configuration issue going on. I have never seen this branch just be flat out empty. Perhaps you can post the text registry dump of the entire TTS\1.0\ branch (it's not large) so we can see which providers are setup and the like.

I suspect this problem is realted to the Spanish language selected for the TUI here. Maybe the setup isn't spawning the TTS setup properly for that language or the like. That's just a guess, however... The DefaultSpeakers branch in the registry should contain all the supproted languages for the engine you have installed.

You indicated you were using TTS3000... just to be sure, what's the secrutiy key say in the TTS Vendor string in the "Key Dump" utility under the Unity program group?

Community Member

Re: TTS problem

I apologize for my last message; I think I wasn’t clear about what I wanted to say talking about the response to my first message.

I send you the text registry under the TTS branch:



[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\TTS\1.0\Initialization]






[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\TTS\1.0\Initialization\DefaultSpeakers]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\TTS\1.0\Providers]

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\TTS\1.0\Providers\LnH]

"Name"="Lernhout & Hauspie Speech Products"


[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Active Voice\TTS\1.0\Providers\RealSpeak]

"Name"="Lernhout & Hauspie Speech Products - RealSpeak"


I think I made a mistake about the TTS engine, under the string “Key Dump” is L&H RealSpeak.

Cisco Employee

Re: TTS problem

ah... If it says RealSpeak we might have a problem. The localization engineers tell me only TTS 3000 supports Columbian Spanish. This could very well explain your problem...

Community Member

Re: TTS problem

mmmm, so, what do you suggest me to permit suscribers hear it's e-mail messages on the phone?

Do you know what do I have to change???

Cisco Employee

Re: TTS problem

sounds like you need to get an update to your key to change to TTS3000 if you want Columbian Spanish... you should be able to get an in field update code sent to you and then run an upgrade which should add the proper files and keys in the registry to make things fly.

since the RealSpeak engine costs more $$$ you'll want to take this up with your account team and get a refund for the difference I would imagine, although I'm not real sure how all that works.

Community Member

Re: TTS problem

mmmm, it's a good solution...

But, you know if I have the same problem if I'm using European Spanish???? Because when I installed Unity, I choose Europian Spanish to TTS....

Or with RealSpeak I can't use Spanish as the default???

Cisco Employee

Re: TTS problem

Well, after chatting with the localization folks they gave me this list of which languages each TTS engine supports:



And they confirmed they've tested Columbian Spanish (ESO) only with TTS3000. I'm a bit perplexed as to why European spanish (ESP) didn't work with your real speak engine though. I need to track down the QA folks that did that work to be sure it's been covered.

Community Member

Re: TTS problem

Ok, then I’ll wait for the answer of the QA guys.

Let me tell you that on another Unity installation with the TTS 3000, I installed the languages as follow:

Default Phone Language: Spanish (Colombia)

Default GUI Language: Spanish (Colombia)

Text to Speech Phone Language: Spanish (Spain)

And text to speech works perfect. And when I did the installation with the RealSpeak engine it fail; even that I used the same values shown.

Do you think that if I install Unity again but with all Languages in Spanish (Spain) it will work???

Community Member

Re: TTS problem

Thanks for posting your tts registry. That got me to thinking that maybe Realspeak isn't installed completely. Can you tell me what folders you have under $Commserver\Realspeak? There should be an "api" folder, and an "engine" folder. Inside the api folder, there should be a "lib" folder with some dll's. And inside the engine folder, there should be some dll's for each language, plus one folder for each language. Can you tell me what your directory structure looks like?

(Note that Realspeak uses non-standard language abbreviations. So the European Spanish folder will be "spe". And there's no Colombian Spanish at this time.)

Since the DumpKey utility shows Realspeak, we have to get Realspeak working for TTS to work. If you want to use TTS3000, you'll have to change the key.


Community Member

Re: TTS problem

Maybe is what you say, that RealSpeak is not installed completely.

My directory structure looks like:










How can I install RealSpeak to work properly?

And if I want to change to TTS3000 do I have to reinstall unity or just change the key?

Community Member

Re: TTS problem

Hmm .... it looks like you have no languages at all installed with Realspeak.

To install languages, you'll need to re-run Unity Setup part 1. For Realspeak, there's no Colombian Spanish, only European Spanish. So you'll have to select that.

To change to TTS3000, you need to change the value on the Key and then run Unity Setup part 1 and it will change all your settings to be TTS3000.

You can run Setup from the same CD's that you used before.

Let me know how this goes,


Community Member

Re: TTS problem

Ok, but, I still have a question...

Do I have to select European Spanish for all the language parameters; thats phone; GUI and TTS???

Or can I choose European Spanish just for TTS and Colombian Spanish for the other parameters???

Community Member

Re: TTS problem

I did some research, and you will have to select European Spanish for all the language parameters. That means that the conversation, prompts, etc, will be in European Spanish and not Colombian Spanish. (which is unfortunate, I know.)

Or, you can switch to LnH TTS3000 instead of Realspeak and then use Colombian Spanish prompts, GUI and TTS.

So it looks like you have to choose between a Colombian Spanish system and Realspeak TTS.


Community Member

Re: TTS problem

Thanks for your answer…

This has been very helpful to me….

Now I’ll ask the client what do they prefer….

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