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TTS reading the From Internal vs External

Unity 4.0(1).

When you listen to Email through the TTS and a message which is from an Internal subscriber is encountered, it will play who the message is From, the subject line and then the body of the message.

When you listen to an email through the TTS which is from an external email address, it will only play the subject line and the body of the message, skipping over who the message is from.

This seems to be an issue for some of our subscribers who receive alot of email from External recipients, and they want to know who the message is from.

Cisco Employee

Re: TTS reading the From Internal vs External

For internal users (subscribers) it's playing the voice name... there's currently no providision to "voice" the sending email address - I think it's being considered as an option but as always be sure to ask your account team to open a PERS for this so the product folks know it's desirable.

We _are_ planning to add the ability to get the calling number for voice messages played for unknown callers into 4.0(3) a little later this year... the email address thing is a little bit of a different nut. TTSing out the sending name sounds kinda poor if it's not done right (i.e. spelling out letter by letter is annoyingly slow and trying to pronounce sections of an address is dicey) - it'll take a little tweaking.

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