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two netwrok interfaces, ccm/crs binds to which IP address

I have a CCM/CRS co-resident server which has two network cards, how do I configure which interface CCM/CRS binds to.


Re: two netwrok interfaces, ccm/crs binds to which IP address

Configuring two seperate network interfaces for TCP/IP may cause problems for call manager services. Theres no way to tell it what to bind to, CCM uses the first active interface with a IP address. With CCM you can however do network teaming with the NICs and have a IP address assigned to the teamed cards.

Doc for setting up teaming.

In that doc, it also has warning about having 2 IPs assigned if not teaming.

"Caution Failing to disable the second NIC may result in two IP addresses being assigned to the server. Assigning two IP addresses to the Cisco CallManager server may cause a loss of service.". I have seen this happen a few times on boot up where the other NIC became active first and CCM did not start up because the address in CCM database did not match that of the first active interface.

I do not believe teaming of NICs is officially supported by TAC with the CRS application yet.

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