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Two questions ?

Does 7961/41 work with CME ?

This matrix shows it doesnt

The Cisco pricing list (latest) does not indicate a license for 7961 or 7941.

SW-CCME-UL-7960 (dont see any for 7961)

SW-CCME-UL-7940 (dont see any for 7941)

Can the 7940/60 licenses be used for 7961/41 ?

Question no 2:

Does RPS 675 work with the same cable with a 3750 switch as well as a Cisco 2800 series router ? If yes what cable needs to be used ?

CAB-RPS-2218 or CAB-RPS-1614=


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Re: Two questions ?

Although I can't find a document that states this as a fact, the 2 links in the following post seem to point to the fact that the 7941 is supported in CME.


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Re: Two questions ?

Hi Shanky - hope you're well.

Yep - the 675 works for the 3750s (did this a while back) and uses the 1614 cable. The 2821 data sheet says it works with the 675 so it will use the same cables...

I think the 2218/2208 cables are for the older RPS units.

No idea about the 7941/61s and CME, but I'd definately be interested to hear if you or anyone tries it - I've been hesitant to spec them yet...

Hope this helps


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Re: Two questions ?

Work has been killing me for past few weeks..craving for a vacation here soon.

Thanks for the info on the 675.

I confirmed with Cisco, that 7961/41 is currently only supported in callmanager. Though there is a roadmap to support it in near future in CME.


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Re: Two questions ?

Just an update, I've used 7961G with CME 4.0, with some tricks it works just great.

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