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Two unity VM boxes for one extension

Hi guys,

I'd like some help. I need to configure two seperate VM boxes for a single IP phone subscriber; one for French and one for English. This would mean that when a particular caller gets to voicemail; he has an option to enter specific digits to drop messages in either the French or English VM box.

How exactly should this work?


Cisco Employee

Re: Two unity VM boxes for one extension

You can't have two seperate subscriber accounts point to the same Exchange mailbox... however, you can approach this in a somewhat different way.

Create a single mailbox for your subscriber as normal. Have this setup as English let's say.

Now create a call handler that has a French set of greetings associated with it and have the after greeting action set to "take message" as normal. Configure the transfer options as you want them (presumably the same transfer options as the subscriber box does... but remember that subscriber mailboxes only have a single transfer rule, call handlers have 3 so use the alternate transfer rule on the call handler so the behavior matches). Setup the recipient and the owner of the call hanlder to be the subscriber created above.

Routing calls to either the subscriber mailbox or the call handler can be done in a couple of ways. You can simply setup a call handler and ask the caller where they want to go... Or you can get fancy with calling number or dialed number matches in the routing rules (i.e. have a number for French speaking folks to dial that's seperate from the one for English speaking folks). You can also use alternate extensions on the phones - the primary matches the English subscriber mailbox and the secondary matches the French call handler.

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