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UC520 setup help

I've been configuring a UC520 system, and with a little help I've been able to get it almost fully functional. But I have a few questions.

1st I have the system configured in Keysystem mode which I think will work the best for my setup. I would like to be able to setup a global voice mail box so that when a incoming call is not answered in say 10 rings it automatically goes to this mail box. Is that possible?

2nd I would also like to be able to set certain extensions to not ring on external incoming calls but still ring when be called from another extension internally. Can this be done?

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Re: UC520 setup help

1 yes. do you want a group mailbox ? Please find on "ccme srnd" document how to setup one.

2 sure, there are multiple ways, do you want to reject calls to these numbers ? One way is with translation-profile and rule under voice-port.

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Re: UC520 setup help

p.bevilacqu thanks for your response.

1. Yea, a group mail box should work. I will check out "ccme srnd" on setting one up.

2. Right now I have 2 CO lines and I set my current Prostar phone system up so that when someone from the outside calls one of the CO line my phone does not ring. I can answer the call by pressing the button for the line the call is ringing on. When someone from another extension dials my extension it rings. I would like to setup the UC520 like that.

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Re: UC520 setup help

Hi, .2. is done easily with shared lines in silent ring.

voice-port x/y

connection plar opx 200

ephone-dn 20 dual-line

number 200

ephone xx

button 1:10 2s20

On an incoming call, button will flash but no ring. You can answer by pressing button, but also lifting the handset if ephone has auto-line.

To transfer call to another phone that also has the shared line, just put it on hold. There are also settings that will make the phone ring in a special way to remind people of that.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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