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UCCM QoS tagging real time traffic

Good day.

I have a trunk connection between my PBX and my Call Manager. When users on the PBX side dial another site that passes over the WAN their traffic gets tagged best effort. I can see this on a sniff trace where i see the traffic hit the Call Manager and get passed on. My question is there a way on the Call Manager to take that real time traffic and tag it with DSCP, so it confirms to our other policies. If a user uses his cisco phone that tagging is retained. I know i can match the UDP traffic but i was hoping there would be a way to do it on the Call Manager. I'm trusting DSCP on the Call Manager port.

Thanks in Advance.

New Member

Re: UCCM QoS tagging real time traffic

Nevermind just had to trust on the gateway ports.

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