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UGH! ViewMail Client...

OK, this is killing me.<br><br>I have 60+ users here using the ViewMail client (Unity 2.5) without any problems. We are using Outlook 2000 as the email client.<br><br>I installed Office 2000 and then installed the ViewMail client and the ViewMail options tab appears in TOOLS - ViewMail Options - but the control never takes effect on any of the messages. They still appear as simple .wav attachments. I double checked to make sure that the CDO component was installed, and it is. I uninstalled ViewMail and Office - rebooted - and reinstalled both to no avail. Same problem. UGH!!!<br><br>Has anyone seen this before? I saw it when Office XP first came out because CDO doesn't install by default. If it wasn't installed, the ViewMail wouldn't work. This is really frustrating - this is a brand new Dell laptop - Win2k SP2 and not much else. <br><br>Any help would be appreciated - Thanks!<br><br>


Re: UGH! ViewMail Client...

Can you go to the Help->About ViewMail option in Outlook and provide the VMO version number?

Also, can you look at the Message Class of the voicemails in Outlook? They should be showing up as IPM.Note.Voice.Unity
To add a message class column to the inbox: Right-Click anywhere on the header bar (the one with From, Subject, Received fields), choose Customize Current View... then click Fields... to bring up the Show Fields dialog. Change 'Select additional fields from' (the pull-down menu in the bottom left) to All Mail Fields. Find 'Message Class' in the left hand column and Add it to the right hand column. Click OK, OK, and you should be able to view the message class of items in the Inbox. Some programs such as anti-virus scanners can alter the message class of items with attachments. If you're running an email virus filter, try temporarily disabling it or see if there's an option to exclude .WAV attachments from being scanned.

Also, are you connecting directly to the Exchange Server, or using some sort of web/remote access to retrieve the messages?

Does the VMO install complete without errors? I have seen problems with installing VMO on Dell machines that have Yamaha Synthesizer software installed ... if you see anything like that in Add/Remove programs it might be worth a shot to remove it and try again.

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