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Ultratec phone model used for TTY WAV Reader/Maker

Hi Jeff and company -

Just downloaded your TTY WAV Reader and Maker software for testing with VMO. Although we plan to work with TTY Angel in the future, both the WAV Reader and Maker appear easy to use. We have some interested customers and one Unity subscriber that is already hearing impaired. In your training video, you mentioned an Ultratec phone was used for the testing. What was the model of the phone you used? Also, was it connected to CallManager via an FXS gateway, or maybe an ATA? Lastly, is a specific IOS level required? We are current with our CallManager.

Thanks in advance!


Cisco Employee

Re: Ultratec phone model used for TTY WAV Reader/Maker

I personally used a couple of Supercom 4400s up here as well as a really old Ultratec a co worker brought in from home (I don't know the model number). I did the testing using both direct fxo lines and using the acoustic coupler and a hand set with the 7960 phones. We did most of our testing up here on a 3600 series gateway.

The accesibility testing group down in San Jose tested a number of other types of phones and configurations and gateways - I could dig the details of that up if you want it...

Re: Ultratec phone model used for TTY WAV Reader/Maker

Hey Jeff -

Thank you for the follow-up! Yes - I would like details on the San Jose testing, phones, configs, etc. I've checked out Cisco's ADA section on the web and it's good information, but I felt it was geared more towards compatibility, compliance, sales etc. We are hoping to do some testing before March. Cool new tools for us and our users - always appreciated!

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday!


Cisco Employee

Re: Ultratec phone model used for TTY WAV Reader/Maker

Here's what the testing folks down in the accessibility labs had to say:


Technically, all Cisco voice gateways should work, and all our various FXS ports. All IOS loads are OK.

Voice gateways with FXS ports that we've used in our accessibility lab include: ATA186/188, 1751, 1760, 2600XM, 3640, 3660, 3745, Catalyst 6k with 6624 FXS blade.

All of the later CCM 3.3 and all CCM 4.0 loads are ok.

We've tested TTY with the Cisco 7940, 7960, 7902, 7905, 7912, 7970 (color display)

TTY models we've tested with good success (acoustically to 79XX IP phone and RJ-11 to Cisco FXS):

* Ultratec Uniphone (RJ-11 only, has built-in handset for VCO/HCO)

* Ultratec Compact (acoustic coupler only)

* Ultratec Superprint (acoustic/RJ-11, built-in printer)

* Ultratec Supercom 4400 (acoustic/RJ-11)

* Ameriphone/Clarity VCO phone

* Ameriphone/Clarity AME-Q90D (RJ-11 only, with built-in handset for VCO/HCO)

* Ameriphone/Clarity III (acoustic/RJ-11)

INTELE-MODEM (TTY modem, RJ-11 interface, use with PC RS-232 port, nice for testing)

We were not satisfied with -- and don't recommend -- the Krown Research TTY (acoustic & RJ-11) because it has a marginal RJ-11 interface design (doesn't meet TIA-470B requirements for single line telephones), and doesn't always recognize ringing voltage from some Cisco FXS ports.

Re: Ultratec phone model used for TTY WAV Reader/Maker

Great information Jeff! Please thank the testing folks in the accessibility lab and also to you for responding so quickly :-)



Re: Ultratec phone model used for TTY WAV Reader/Maker

Dang proxy server - lost connection to the forum and I mistakenly submitted this post twice!


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