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unable to accept PSTN callers to voice mail

Within the IP phone system, callers can leave messages for unanswered calls of IP phones, however when I receve a call from the PSTN to an IP phone extension, the call in not accepted properly to Unity. The calls seems to be redirected after 6 ring and Unity seems to send it back to the original extension. Call Mgr ver 3.0.10, Unity 2.4.6(126), TSP 1.0(0.32)<br><br>


Re: unable to accept PSTN callers to voice mail

What does the PSTN caller hear when this happens? Do they ever hear Unity answer the call after it has forwarded from the station? When you mentioned, "Unity seems to send it back to the original extension" what indications are there that Unity is doing this? Does StatusMontior.exe show that?

Most problems with PSTN callers reaching Unity revolve around the codec configuration on IOS gateways. In this case, the PSTN caller usually hears reorder as the call forwards from the station to Unity, but I haven't seen the call get re-directed back to the station. At any rate, if you are using an IOS gateway, check to see if "codec g711ulaw" is enabled on the dial-peers that point to Unity.

Steve Olivier
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems

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